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M&S Ministries

Welcome! We celebrate the “S” in ministry, as Sis. Sarai Rodriguez has transitioned and is now heaven bound. Pastor Mickey now has an even greater calling of Evangelism, going to other countries as God leads, taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to places such as Brazil, El Salvador, and Africa.

We are available to work together with your ministry!

Watch a Pastor Preach an Inspiring Message from the Lord Online Below!
MS Min. .2P. M. R.

We Celebrate Pastor M. Rodriguez of M&S Ministries with a Lifetime Achievement Honor Induction of T.C.L.C. Hall of Fame !

Be sure to catch a glimpse of the celebration in praise and worship, from one of many Missionary Trip Benefit Concerts!
We Thank God For Your Continued Service, Prayers, Love, Support, and Monetary Donations!

We are available to work together with your ministry!

We are open for outside speaking engagements with your church group, event, concert, rally, or service. If you desire to speak with Pastor Mickey Rodriguez or Evangelist R. Guidry for more info on how we can minister at your church,

Feel Free to Contact Us

Official Website!



(323) 719-9037

(323) 719-9038


If you desire prayer for any reason, be blessed and encouraged by calling our church (310) 635-0206 prayer line, open every Monday for you!


We appreciate your prayers and love offering to assist us in winning souls for Christ.


If you would like to donate to M&S, you can use our P.O. Box

Please remember all donations are tax deductible.

M.S. / M&S Ministries Inc.

P.O. Box 592

Maywood, CA 90270